Family Application Form for Applicants of family members to achieve same day appointment

If you are traveling as a family and this is the first time you are all going to apply for a passport in DFA, you now have an option for a faster service and online appointment reservation system.

This system will help you all get the same date of appointment in going to the DFA. This way, you may be able to avoid the hassled of getting here and there / to and from individually. Having the same date as your appointment in coming over and presenting all your passport requirements will help you save time, money, effort and best of all the hassle of getting in the line again and again trying to accompany a minor member of the family.

For a group of 2 or more, you can use the Family Application Form where you will be asked to fill up certain details needed from you and the rest of your immediate members.

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tech said...

ung online appointment po ba eh khit saang branch n ng dfa pede mag personal apearance,, godbless

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