DFA Iloilo City branch

If you are looking for information on where to find DFA Iloilo City branch? See our address location listing below. We also have other branches of the Department of Foreign Affairs and you may find them with the use of our search box. Alternately, you may see our DFA Philippines category in the sidebar. It is where you can find all the other available regional consular offices (RCO) that you need to go to for your passport application.


Location Address: Yulo Street, Iloilo City
Telephone Numbers: (033) 336-1737; (02) 487-3041
Fax No. (033) 335-0221
Email Address: dfailo@skvinet.net

For DFA passport appointment system and online inquiry, please visit the official DFA website at www.dfa.gov.ph/. Also for all the other downloadable forms for your passport application. Visit our related posts below for the DFA location map.


stashetz_3@yahoo.com said...

in renewal, which is more fastest way? to the local branches or online renewal?

Anonymous said...

is the passport fee same in all branches.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

your phone lines are either busy or no one's answering. the first time i called, 3361737 was busy so i tried calling 3350221, which was also busy. i called the first number again, it kept ringing but no one's answering. this happened 3x more. on my fifth consecutive call, the phone line was busy. weird.

as a government agency you should cater to your customer's needs. wag nyo po kaming iwasan. delayed na nga papers mag renewal pagtataguan pa kami.

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